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 حالات ENT تحتاج منك تفكير

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مُساهمةموضوع: حالات ENT تحتاج منك تفكير   8/22/2007, 5:26 am

السلام عليكم

أه رأيكم شويه حالات ENT ننشط بها الذكرة قبل ما تدخلوا خمسهEvil or Very Mad scratch
أنا هكتبها
وأن شاء الله نكملها مع بعض
وأن شاء الله إلى عاوز يتبعنا ممكن يتبعنا على الجروب
وياريت الأجابات تبعت على الجروب
علشان نسيب فرصه للناس تفكر فى الحل
عنوان الجروب


Case 1: A 10 year old child was having a right mucopurulent otorhea for the last 4 years. A week ago he became dizzy with a whirling sensation, nausea, vomiting and nystagmus to the opposite side; his deafness became complete and his temperature was normal. Three days later he became feverish, irritable and continuously crying apparently from severe headache. Also he had some neck retraction. The child was not managed properly and died by the end of the week.

Case 2: A 50 year old male patient complained of right earache of 2 days duration. The pain was especially severe on chewing food and during speech. There was also marked edema of the right side of the face. On examination, pressure on the tragus was painful; and there was a small red swelling arising from the anterior external auditory meatal wall. Rinne test was positive in the right ear. The patient gave a history of 2 previous
similar attacks in the same ear during the last six months but less severe

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حالات ENT تحتاج منك تفكير
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